Atmel ATXMEGA32A4U and ATXMEGA128A4U, AVR microcontroller module with USB interface



X4DIL is a tiny interface module for an Atmel AVR micro controller with USB interface in TQFP44 casing. The module fits to an ordinary 40 pin dual-in-line socket. The module is helpful in experiments, development and prototyping with USB-AVR microcontrollers.
  • module available with assembled Atmel AVR microcontroller ATXMEGA32A4U and ATXMEGA128A4U
  • standard 40 pin dual-inline format (0.6 inch row distance)
  • any microcontroller port (except USB data) is available by the dual in line pins
  • flexibel power supplement by USB or external, 3.3V regulator on board
  • oscillator socket onboard (suitable for crystal, 2- and 3-pin ceramic resonator)
  • USB operation also possible with internal RC oscillator (no crystal required)
  • all components for basic operation onboard (such as resistors and buffer capacitors)
  • ESD protected mini-USB connector
  • in-system programming (6 pin Atmel PDI standard)
  • directly supported by AVR Studio 5 (Version 5.1 or higher recommended)

For In-System-Programming the Atmel AVRISP MKII and all the compatible devices can be used.

For programming and debugging the Atmel AVR JTAG MKII and Atmel JTAGICE3 (firmware V1.34 or higher) are suitable.

The microcontroller can be programmed in three ways:

  • By the USB interface with the present bootloader and the application program "Flip" from Atmel.
  • By the in-system programming connector on the board and a suitable programming device, such as Atmel AVRISP MKII (or compatible).
  • Programming and debugging by PDI interface and a suitable debugging device such as Atmel AVRJTAG MKII (or compatible such as Kee AVR JTAG MKII from Kee Electronics).

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You will find an overview about all USB-AVR modules here...

Technical Data

Products and Prices

The X4DIL module is available as assembled and approved device or as construction kit, equipped with ATXMEGA32A4U or ATXMEGA128A4U. Please note, that the construction will be delivered unchecked.

PCB (not assembled)

the basic material

Construction Kit with ATXMEGA32A4U

assemble what you need

Device with ATXMEGA32A4U

checked and ready to use

This set contains:
  • printed circuit board (current revision),
    not assembled
This set contains:
  • printed circuit board,
    assembled with ATXMEGA32A4U and all SMD components (unchecked)
  • all wired components
  • crystal 16.000MHz
This set contains:
  • assembled and approved device (full equipped) with ATXMEGA32A4U
  • crystal 16.000MHz
Price: Euro 8.00 Price: Euro 25.00 Price: Euro 26.00
Shipping cost category: A Shipping cost category: B Shipping cost category: B
Order number: X4D01 Order number: X4D02 Order number: X4D03
deliverable deliverable deliverable

Construction Kit with ATXMEGA128A4U

assemble what you need

Device with ATXMEGA128A4U

checked and ready to use

USB Cable

suitable for the device

This set contains:
  • printed circuit board,
    assembled with ATXMEGA128A4U and all SMD components (unchecked)
  • all wired components
  • crystal 16.000MHz
This set contains:
  • assembled and approved device (full equipped) with ATXMEGA128A4U
  • crystal 16.000MHz
Technical data:
  • plug USB-A
  • plug USB-mini
  • USB 2.0
  • length 1.8m
Price: Euro 26.00 Price: Euro 27.00 Price: Euro 2.00
Shipping cost category: B Shipping cost category: B Shipping cost category: B
Order number: X4D04 Order number: X4D05 Order number: UXD02
deliverable deliverable deliverable

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File Size


Manual (english), PDF file 9 (2012-08-28) 630 kB X4DIL_Manual.pdf
Manual PCB Revision 2.0 (english), PDF file 11 (2012-09-12) 922 kB X4DIL_Rev20_Manual.pdf
Module Test: Software to check the ports and the USB communication
Software for Windows® including drivers and firmware files for all supported microcontrollers
(Windows 7 to 10)
1.8.1 (2019-01-03) 7.8 MByte Setup_UxDIL_Check.exe
Atmel FLIP driver for 64Bit Windows 3.4.2 161 kByte atmel-flip-3.4.2-signed-driver.zip
Microsoft USBView for Windows 96 kByte usbview.exe
Microsoft USBView for Windows 6.0.6000.16386 77 kByte usbview_V6.exe


You will find information and downloads for software modules and drivers with the following links.

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Atmel Corporation, AVR data sheets


Atmel Application Note AVR282: Information about "Atmel FLIP" http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/doc7769.pdf

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Teensy USB Development Board


V-USB, Virtual USB Port for AVR microcontroller http://www.obdev.at/products/vusb/index.html 
WinAVR, GCC development environment http://winavr.sourceforge.net/
LibUSB-Win32, USB drivers for Microsoft Windows ® http://libusb-win32.sourceforge.net/